International Solutions

We have extensive experience of producing multilingual websites, including developing websites using languages that do not use the Roman alphabet (Chinese, Arabic, Greek and Japanese).

Taking a website and making it multilingual brings many different challenges and considerations, from developing a back end system that can manage multiple versions of your website, to ensuring the site is easily found in the appropriate search engines: Google isn’t the main search engine in every language!

Taylor Knight Solutions have the knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that every step of creating a multilingual website goes smoothly, allowing to take your website and your business to a global market.

We are currently responsible for the development and maintenance of a multilingual online store that is marketed to over 25 different language markets. By targeting those language markets specifically, the business is able to reach customers that their competitors cannot and have been able to expand their business by over 40%.

In September 2009, approximately 33% of web users were English speaking. That leaves roughly 67% of your potential market having to navigate in at best, their second language. Its easy to see how this could leave a large chunk of your potential market feeling confused or disconnect from your product and brand.

To reach that extra 67% of non-English speaking customers, your site needs to be able to handle multiple versions of the same content but in different languages.

Taylor Knight Solutions will implement the following steps to create your multilingual website:

  • Database back end: enables multilingual versions of your website to be stored
  • Powerful, easy to use Content Management System: allows you to easily manage each language version of your site
  • Translation of your site from English to your chosen languages by our network of native speaking translators
  • Conversion of your website: all of the pages of your site are converted to use the new, multilingual database and show the correct language version when appropriate

If you think Taylor Knight Solutions could help you take your business to that missing 67% of your market, then please get in touch with Taylor Knight Solutions today and get there before your competitors.